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Muchas gracias 😘

Here is my tribute to this great game...

Great port. This one, the Amiga Beer Edition and the MSX2 port of "Bomb Jack" are the best home-ports.

Just received an N-Go today and this is the first game I have played, really great version thanks

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This is truly excellent.  I've been playing the last couple of hours and it's a blast.  I've got one bug report and one feature disparity with the arcade to report:

1) Achieving a high score simply replaces an entry on the high score table and doesn't push the other entries down the board.

2) Enemy selection is not as it is on the original where it's largely fixed.  When the robots hit the bottom of the screen on this version, the enemy they transform into is always random, whereas it varied by level on the original.  This is most noticeable on Level 5, where the arcade exclusively featured the "bouncing ball" style enemies.

A video with the update music. Awesome guys !

Awesome version of this classic game. Congrats !

La nueva versión del juego ,con las melodías y mejoras, ya alcanza un nivel altísimo. En este directo he tenido el placer de charlar contigo y sinceramente vale mucho la pena bajarlo.

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Hi. Is the game released "as intended", or are you still working on it to improve fidelity to the original coin op?

Within a few days there will be an important update especially on the subject of sound.

Thank you very much! Great game!

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Nice work ;)

awesome. Can you put some screenshots here please?

Is the above version for ZX Spectrum Next ?


Thanks!  This looks great!   :)  Hope to buy an N-Go soon.